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Where passion meets excellence


Mildren AMSOIL provides a comprehensive range of AMSOIL synthetic products including lubricants and greases for automotive, marine, motorcycle, landscaping, small engine, heavy vehicle, farm and industrial machinery.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are manufactured exclusively in Wisconsin USA and include a complete range of full-synthetic lubricants that help you push the limits of performance, power and reliability. For over 40 years AMSOIL have been independently owned which means they maintain the freedom to formulate products based on performance, not price.

Unlike petroleum based oils, AMSOIL synthetic oils do not break down, shear or lose viscosity under heat and stress. Based on research and inspired by aerospace technology, the AMSOIL range is specially engineered to last longer in service and perform better than any product on the market.

Mildren AMSOIL have been passionately and resolutely supplying South Australia with AMSOIL for over 20 years. Now, we are excited to increase our product selection and are committed to continuing our exceptional customer service anywhere in Australia so that you get the right product for your application in a convenient and timely way.

AMSOIL’s published tests and over 40 years of satisfied customers prove its excellence, Mildren’s 20 years of exceptional customer service and passionate commitment to AMSOIL proves that

Choosing Mildren AMSOIL is choosing excellence in lubrication and customer service.

Higher Quality Results

The AMSOIL range saves wear & tear on your vehicle & equipment giving you higher quality results, for longer.

Longer Drain Intervals

AMSOIL range of products give you longer drain intervals, saving you on oil changes & time!

The Best Result

You achieve better fuel economy with AMSOIL, and contribute to lower emissions.

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